an anywhere design studio


    We are a branding, digital and graphic design studio.

    • We don't do mass production.
      For us, each project is unique, artistic and potentially innovative.

      We seek to develop something that makes a most enjoyable and amazing world.


    Mucci was founded in 2011 by André Giacomucci.

    In seven years of experience, we have created over 60 brand design projects, 75 websites, and 23 online shops.

    • We communicate in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
      Parfois, nous parlons français! Aber unsere deutschen wird nicht sehr gut.

      We have offices in São Paulo/Brazil and Barcelona/Spain and our structure allow us to work from anywhere, to anywhere.


    Some of our work have been published in books, magazines, and blogs that value the quality and innovation of the design, and this is our greatest pride!

    One Page Love
    Index book
    UC Quarterly

    In 2014, we were selected to participate in the 4th Iberoamerican Design Biennial in Madrid, formed by 23 Latin American countries, Portugal and Spain.



What we can do for you.

  • Brand Design

    • Branding
    • Visual identity
    • Naming
  • Digital Design

    • Site
    • E-commerce
    • Blog
  • Graphic Design

    • Catalog
    • Folder
    • Packaging
  • mucci.collective

    Mucci is a multifaceted studio network.

    • Thinking about the need to understand and change our relationship with space and time, we began to apply a new way to perform our work online.

      We said no to the time lost in traffic of cities and to instant coffee.

  • mucci.collective

    We like innovation, strategy, deadlines and especially good ideas.

    • Our coworkers and creators are spread around the world. For each project, we set up a different team with professionals who have a greater connection and affinity with what will be developed.

  • mucci.collective

    We follow all our projects closely, even though the over 8,000km away from some of our customers.

    • We have a number of tools that allow us to hold meetings, manage projects and teams, send and store files in a simple, fast and secure way.

      We also use the good old phone, you can call one of our local offices in São Paulo (BR) or Barcelona (ES).

  • The place we are is only relevant if it makes us work better.

    • The place we are is only relevant if we can improve our projects and bring our customers something new, unique, inviting and stimulating.

      The future is online and in the clouds!


    We are a team of designers, visual artists, programmers, photographers, journalists, and writers.

    • Because we believe that each project is unique, we want people to work in your project to be also unique.

      We are a group of experts led and directed by André Giacomucci.


Some of our clients:

Thanks for your attention!

André Giacomucci.

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